Save the date; February 8, 2018. An open house is planned at my studio in Lovell in honor of Krista Suh, the co-creator of the Pussyhat Proect.

Here is a copy of a letter from the promoter of Krista's new book, Akello Stone.

Hello There!

Thanks so much for your patience as we plan the national rollout of Krista's Nationwide Knit Tour.  I have attached a KNIT TOUR MAP that graphically displays all the Knit Stores that have opened their doors to the tour visit for the first round, their region identifier and the MONTH that the Tour will happen.  We will communicate more detail in the coming weeks and start getting some specific dates and times down and will be developing a customized marketing package to promote the event.   I have already corresponded with many of you and your flexibility and cooperation is much appreciated!

We are fast approaching the one year anniversary of the Women's March and the birth of the Pussyhat, and a lot of great things have been happening!  One exciting piece of news is that Krista has written a book called, "DIY Rules for a WTF World: How to Speak Up, Get Creative, and Change the World." #DIYRULES will come out in January and is currently available for pre-order. This book is a manifesto that emerged from the very ideologies, struggles and accomplishments that culminated in the Pussyhat movement - and those values continue to persist in the face of opposition and ignorance.  I am certain that anyone who reads this book will feel even more connected to the movement!

#DIYRULES is another opportunity for Krista to engage with knitters and creators. What does that mean for you? Even more reasons for folks to come to your store and get immersed in knitting, creating, and building community! Since the book is written as a creative guide, it’s a natural fit to talk about in the context of your business.

We’re super amped about spreading the word about this book and we are creating a network of collaborators who are interested in spreading the word through their social media and online presence about this book, which empowers folks and give them the tools to make their own creative reality.  If you opt-in to this campaign, you would be sent content weekly, so that spreading the word is as easy-breezy on you as possible. You’ll get captions and photos sent to you, so you can pop everything on your social networks without hassle leading up to the books release. Of course, if you wanted to go rogue and create your own content, that would be awesome, too! 

Let me know if you want on board the content list, and if you have any questions. We know that this content will connect with your followers on yet another level of creativity and engagement—they’ll see that you have a long standing relationship with Pussyhat Project and more specifically the creator of the Pussyhat Project, before she even appears in store!

And, of course, weather or not you opt in on the content list, we’re excited to bring Krista to your store— she couldn’t be more thrilled about moving and shaking, creative-style! Can’t wait to share details. Soon.

Thanks again!